bookings and conferences

Presentations last 40-50 minutes with time for Q/A. Pre-conference survey results of attendees can be incorporated into presentations enhancing engagement and take-home messages. Presentations have downloadable resources available to all attendees.

Organized Onboarding (O2)

Learn how the specific methods of resource dedication and training facilitation will help you grow the next generation of DVMs for your practice.
Our team approach to onboarding facilitates the mentoring of associates in medicine, surgery, and communications. The successful integration of this approach has led to greater production, higher ACTs, a higher client-bonding factor, faster reduction of student debt, and most important- retention of DVMs with high job satisfaction

Mentoring Communications

Attendees learn how to make WISE COACH exam-room communication tools and a few other basic communication tools work for their practices. Using these tools and more, they learn how to incorporate communications mentoring in your practice for a productive team experience.

Team Development

Positive team and community development in the workplace require diligence and effort. We have improved our teams and culture and ultimately staff retention through an organized approach to development. Unique approaches to engagement and retention are reviewed in this presentation.

DVM Cost Calculator

A recent CVMA survey indicates more associate DVMs are being paid on production. The same survey shows benefits being offered are increasing as well. As costs change it is important to appreciate those impacts. This tool allows for retrospective review of current associates as well as comparisons of an offer to a new associate with the negotiated difference.

Competitive Pharmacy

Let’s remove the DVM from this process by training staff to manage the systems & operations of fulfillment.

Through a defined program we can change how we approach the consumer making our pharmacy more competitive and the place our clients want to go for the fulfillment of their pet’s prescription needs.